Last projects on the way …

– TRX FM 2 Meters band (in progress)
– APRS IG@te (in progress)
– APRS Tracker (in progress)
– RF Generator ADF4351 based
– UPS for Raspberry PI

Si4703 Small simple radio with Arduino
APRS Tracker
Temp/Humid Wireless probe for EasyIOT
A road traffic displayed for car, based on Raspberry 
GPS logger with Teensy
Home made RF attenuator
Charge pump DC/DC converter with Max756
optiloader for Arduino Atmega 328 
RS232 Interface 
Countdown/ClockTemp with Arduino 
LCD Demo board for PIC
– DDS AD9951 – 0/160 Mhz Wobulator

Old stuff:

Nano GPS Logger
GPS Logger
Max038 function lab generator

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