DDS AD9951 – 0/160 Mhz Wobulator [Update 11/07]

This is a HF/VHF DDS Wobulator, run with the famous AD9951 from Analog Device, he can generate any frequency between 0 to 160 Mhz without hole, with 1Hz resolution! He is drived through a 16F877A PIC, with a rotary encoder, and display frequency on a 2×16 LCD. The step program available are: 1Hz – 10Hz – 100 Hz -1KHz- 10 KHz – 100 KHz- 1 MHz et 10 MHz

A output buffer with an AD8330 made a attenuator/amplifier, (-40/+10db) with good performance up to 160Mhz.

Front was made with Schaeffer AG !

All informations are available on F6BON (SK) website!

17/05/2018 Currently redesigning the output filter.


11/07/2018 AD8330 LPF ready, the result is just “better”, the only thing that change is the original filter (L/C) replaced by a LFN-160+ from Minicircuit.

Download ARES, Gerber files