Rigol DS1052E Fan Mod (and rpm control)

I have this scope since 2013, Rigol DS1052E is just perfect for my hobby use, the main issue with this model is  the fan noise, so I have finally decided to replace the fan and put something to adjut the rpm. Warranty is over since many year, so can open it … let’s go.

There is so many teardown over internet, that explain how to open this scope.

Quickly, start to unscrewed: the four screw on the rear, top and bottom, take off cap button, two other screw on power socket.

Unscrewed, and take off metal shield. you got this;

The fan is a 12V/150ma powered under 10v, seem there is no temperature sensor …

I have added a little MP23070 (around 2$ with shipping on ebay) step down converter on the power line, bettwen the fan and the socket, I can control the rpm, just be careful and down around 7v, otherwise the temperature will be too high. Its a good compromise between noise and temperature inside the unit.