Ardui’Home, temperature and gas alert for home

Update [17/02] – Project redesigned, look this following post.

Update [2/06] – I’m working on a wireless version

I’ll move in a new apartment very soon, and i have the idea for a new domotic project, ArduiHome, a Arduino Uno, GSM/GPRS Shield, some sensors to measure temperature, humidity, and gas.

The goal of this project is to display, on a LCD, the temperature from four areas.
Sending back temperature and/or humidity value via SMS (no needed at this moment).
Send an alert when town gas or carbon monoxide reach a critical level.
Drive a relay to turn on lighting, or heating system (no needed at this moment).

– A ArduinoUno or Atmega328P.
– A GSM/GPRS Shield.
– 3x DS18S20 temperature sensor (1x bathroom, 1x sitting room, 1x outside).
– Humidity sensor to be defined, maybe DHT22 in two bedroom.
– Natural-LPG Gas sensor and Carbon Monoxide, (MQ5, MQ7).
– LCD 4×20, with I2C interface, to save I/O.

Right now i do some test with GSM/GPRS shield from ebay, GSMShiled

this shield is cheap , but appear only run with gsmlib libraries, from

Actually the code do:

– Read and display temps on a 2×16 LCD, from two temp sensor, i wait to receive my 4×20 LCD soon. Done!
– Send SMS when the pin A0 read high value from MQ-5/MQ-7 gas sensor. Done!
– Blink a LED to check if CPU run Ok. Done!



To be implemented:

– Display temp and humidity from a DHT11 (2x Bedroom). Done!
– Send temperature value from sensor’s via SMS. (Will never be implemented)
– Check if letters come into the mailbox. Yeah, from postman. (Due to Arduino code length limitation, will never be implemented)
– Drive a relay to turn on a light, or heating system. (Will never be implemented)


Updated [24/02] – 4×20 LCD screen display

I have updated the code, i have just receive my 4×20 LCD screen, now i can display temperature from three DS18B20 sensor’s, alternately with DHT11 sensor (2x Bedroom). I have shorten the “too big” antenna of GSM shield 🙂

ArduiHome Test code