How to use Tenvis MINI319w IP Camera with Synology surveillance station

I have recently got a IP camera called “MINI319w”, costs around 35~40€, it’s a network camera with 21-LED IR night vision, plus Ethernet/Wifi support:

Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Size 40912
Pixel 300KP
Lens 4.0mm
View Angle Horizontal: 57 degrees / Vertical: 49.5 degrees
Picture Resolution 640×480 (VGA) 320×240 (QVGA)
Video Compression format MJPEG
Frame rate 25fps
Input/Output Built-in Microphone & Speaker
Audio Compression format ADPCM
Minimum illumination 0.1Lux
Night vision Infrared IR LED
IR-LED Quantity 21
Night vision distance 12 meters
Motor N/A
Rotation angle N/A
Wireless / WiFi 802.11 b/g
Online Visitor 10 viewers @320×240 4 viewers @640×480

IPCameraMore infos:

I want to monitor and record video from this camera with my Synology surveillance station (on my NAS server DS214+), unfortunately there is no informations about the support and compatibility with this camera. After some research if you want to use this kind of camera with your NAS, you need to add a new camera manually, like this:

Name: The name of the camera
IP Address: The IP address of the camera, i use DHCP in my LAN, but in this case i have fixed an IP for
Port: The network port needed to access the video stream from the IP camera, default is 7777
Camera Model: Select “User Define” to add a camera which is not on the list.
Source Path: put videostream.cgi
Username: Default is admin
Password: Default password (admin)


After some test, the result was the baud rate decrease strongly after few meters between router and camera, i have opened the case of the camera and discovered that the antenna cable was disconnected: