DRA818 Transceiver with Arduino



This is a small prototype of future TRX for 2 meters band, the goal is to make a very simple construction for mobile usage, Based on DRA818 chinese module, he use Arduino with a rotative encoder some small buttons.

Some details:

– Coverage from 144 to 146 (possible extend from 134 to 174).
– Mode VFO or Repeater (shift -600k) with 1750Hz carrier.
– Function: Scan (not implemented yet), Memory, Step (5/10/12.5/25/100k), Wide/Narrow 12.5/25Khz, Power output 5/20W (with old TRW20 PA module).
Output power can be switched from 5 to 20W, i will use a old TRW MV20 PA

Phase 2, the prototype work fine, it’s time to design a PCB. More infos soon.

The Arduino sketch is dirty and unstable, so i can’t release it for the moment

Update 19/6/2018

Back to the project, currently testing MV20 TRW hybrid module, around 20W output power.

Update 16/7/2018, Main board, final PA, and front board are ready to build, mechanical and software are currently under review.

Update 09/09/2018, The next of this project is now here http://www.f4huy.fr/?p=1813