RF Generator home made

RF Generator home made

The goal of this project is to build a small HF/VHF/UHF RF generator with correct and good performance for the lab.

The synthesizer is based on ADF4351 (35Mhhz to 2500Mhz),  plus AD9850 for lower frequency range DC to 40Mhz

For a good stability, the clock reference come from a OCXO @10Mhz, particular attention will be carried on power supply, with the employ of low drop, low noise regulator.

A useful “tracking” function is available, a small cheap little board with AD9833 will ensure a NBFM modulation from 1khz to 30khz.

Due to high number of I/O needed, the MCU is based of Arduino MEGA.

The output power will be controlled with a programmable PE4306 attenuator.

Final filtered output signal will be measured with a ADL5513 log detector.

All of data are displayed on a 4×20 LCD.


  • Covering 1Mhz to 4.4Ghz.
  • 1Mhz-4.4Ghz with harmonic filtering.
  • RAW unfiltered 35Mhz-4.4Ghz output (with harmonics).
  • Band selector 35/50/145/435/1240/2345/3000/4400Mhz.
  • Step size 10M/1M/100k/10k/6.25k and more.
  • Tracking mode, internal modulator 1/30khz.
  • DSB modulation for 1 to 4400Mhz, and NBFM from 35 to 4400Mhz
  • Output level adjustable from -30dbm to +5dbm.
  • Internal 10mhz precision reference with OCXO.
  • Harmonics rejection with 4 bands filtering switch.

update 09/2018, Back on this project…

update 01/2020, Really back to this project …

  • adding a DSB modulator
  • adding a double programmable attenuator to up -63db
  • trying to put a AGC to ensure a constant level

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