Arduino POCSAG encoder 1200bp

Arduino POCSAG encoder 1200bp

This maybe can help someone want to “recycle” old pocsag pager, original code from ON1ARF is available on gihub, Alex, has made a modification of the main code to ensure the running with 1200bp (original code is for 512bp), at this time i have made some successful test under Arduino 1.8.1

You can use a Arduino and a cheap Si4432 from ebay, don’t forget to insert a level shifter to ensure a 5v/3.3v conversion (if you run with Atmega under 5v), in my case i have used a RFM22 Shield from SparkFun


Download the package

Put RadioHead and Pocsag folder into libraries Arduino folder

Edit Pocsag_1200.ino file, go to line 66 to set the frequency of your pager

Upload the sketch on your Arduino, then lunch the serial interface

The format to send a message is like this:
P “adress” “source” “repeat” “message”

Grab the last 6 digit’s of the pager, then format the message like this: P 0123456 0123456 1 TEST

Setting TX power to 6mW is almost enough to do some test, next way is to hack the receiver on UHF Ham band …

NOTE: 24/12/2019 Pager above is successfully hacked on 438.2160 with changing the first LO with a 49.152 Mhz quartz.

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